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In 1928, just in time for the Christmas season, Sears opened a Catalog and Merchandise Distribution Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The CMDC remained in operation until the 1990s when Sears closed down the company’s catalog operations. The complex was sold to developers in 1997. The developers transformed the complex into a retail and office complex called the Landmark Center.

Over the years, Sears opened 37 retail stores of various sizes in communities across Massachusetts. Some of these stores were later closed.

The earliest stores were opened in 1928; this is a partial listing of the earliest Sears stores in Massachusetts.

  Boston   Fullerton Street opened 1928 and closed 1968
  Cambridge   Galleria opened 1928 and closed 1985
  West Springfield   Memorial Avenue opened 1928 relocated 1979
  Fall River   Main Street opened 1929 and relocated 1941, 1975
  Greenfield   Main Street opened 1929 and closed 1993
  Holyoke   City Hall Court, opened 1929 and relocated 1947 and 1979
  Lawrence   Essex Street, opened 1929 relocated in 1973
  Swansea   opened 1929, relocated 1941 and 1975
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