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Roebucks 1951 Advertisement, jeans.
Roebucks 1962 Catalog page, Western Wear.
Roebucks 1976, Catalog page, Olympic skiwear
Roebucks 1983 Western wear catalog cover.
Roebucks 1992 Catalog page, jeans.
The first time Sears, Roebuck and Co. co-founder Alvah C. Roebuck's name appeared on a product sold by Sears was in the early 1900s when Sears sold the "Roebucks Dry Plate" for use with photographic equipment. The Roebuck brand name then disappeared for four decades.

In 1949, Sears reintroduced the Roebucks brand on denim jeans. Roebuck jeans were advertised as "rider jeans born 'n' bread in Texas" that were as "friendly fittin' as a western saddle." The Roebucks brand of denim jeans was Sears' answer to popular private-label jeans not sold in Sears stores or catalogs. Roebucks eventually became the Sears brand for authentic western wear for men. This, despite the fact that Alvah Roebuck was actually born in Lafayette, Ind., hardly the epitome of the Old West.

Sears sponsored the U.S. Olympic team during the 1976 Winter Games (Innsbruck, Austria). To commemorate the historic sponsorship, Sears introduced Roebucks-brand denim skiwear.

The Roebucks name lives on today as Sears' brand of work clothes, including boots, pants, shirts and coveralls.

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