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Click on the associated link for a collection of images and photographs of almost all 447 house designs sold through the Sears Modern Homes program. You can search the house listings by clicking on a group of years (19081914, 19151920, 19211926, 19271932 and 19331940). You will then see a thumbnail picture of each house, and next to it are the house name and/or model number, plus the price range. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-screen version of the Sears Modern Homes catalog page on which the house appeared and floor plans and descriptions (if available).

If you do not know exactly which house you are looking for, be patient. In 1908, Sears did not foresee its houses being searched as part of a historical record, and so its cataloging was not consistent. Some houses have numbers only, some have numbers and names, and some house names were even reused for different house designs through the years. And through the years, Sears could modify subtly a house's design while keeping the same name. Again, under each year, we have listed each house as it was listed in the Modern Homes catalogs. Enjoy the images, and we hope you find the Sears home you are looking for.

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