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Alvah Roebuck, ca. 1890s.
Alvah C. Roebuck asked Richard W. Sears to buy out his interest in the company in 1895. Richard Sears asked Roebuck to remain with the company as a salaried employee to manage the Sears Home Entertainment Department. After four years Roebuck quit to form his own movie projector manufacturing company, with Sears becoming one of his best customers.  In 1903, Roebuck worked on the first of many improvements to the motion picture machine, building the Optigraph Motion Picture Machine. Roebuck later returned to Sears in 1933 and worked for wages until 1940. During this time he wrote a history of Sears early days, and became a star attraction at Sears store openings. Roebuck passed away June 18, 1948, never publicly regretting the fortune he missed by not staying with Sears, Roebuck and Co.
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